Recommendation Letters

I am happy to write a letter of recommendation to support your academic and professional pursuits. In the past, these have generally included letters for scholarships, graduate school applications, internships and fellowships.

I can write a strong letter when you have either worked with me (1) as a research co-author, or (2) as a research assistant, or (3) on your honors thesis, or (4) on an independent study. These interactions give me an idea of your ability, skills, interests and motivation -- qualities that I can reference in the letter. I can also write a strong letter if you have taken a class with me (especially upper-level seminar courses) and have been an engaging student during the class. If you are unsure of whether I am an appropriate faculty member to write a recommendation letter on your behalf, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Please approach me at about the recommendation letter at least one month before the due date. After I have agreed to write the letter, I will need the below information from you:

Application Procedure:
• for an online submission, please email me a link
• for a paper submission, please email me the PDF of a blank recommendation form and also give me the mailing address for the letter

Submission Materials: These could include a cover letter, writing sample, statement of purpose or research proposal.

Resume/CV: If you are unsure on how to prepare one, please consult the resourceful people at the Cohen Career Center

Specific Emphasis: Anything specific that you would like me to emphasize in the letter

Deadline: Let me know the precise deadline for the recommendation letter. Please also email me one week before this date and confirm that I have everything I need for the letter.

I will send you an email once the letter is submitted. Please keep me posted on the outcome.

Good luck!