Introduction to Comparative Politics
(last offered Spring 2023)
This course provides an introduction to the sub field of comparative politics.

GIS for Social Science/Public Policy
(last offered Spring 2023)
This is an introductory level course to concepts of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in social science/policy analysis.

Politics of Inequality
(last offered Fall 2022)
Inequality is central to many sociopolitical issues, and this course is designed to provide you with a critical understanding of the concept.

Southeast Asian Autocracy & Democracy
(last offered Spring 2022)
This class combines theoretical and empirical approaches to the study of Southeast Asian democracy and autocracy.

Politics of Southeast Asia
(last offered Fall 2017)
This class is an introduction to Southeast Asian politics.

In addition, I have given guest lectures on Mapping Conflict and also conducted a short ArcGIS Workshop. Previously, I served as a teaching assistant for courses on Basic/Advanced Game Theory and International Security.

Please contact me for the latest syllabi of these courses.